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Founded in 1997, FeiYu  is a private comprehensive enterprise specializing in the punching tools, check fixtures, stamping products, precision metal products CNC processing, as well as the welded assembly for panoramic sunroof frames, heat shields, new energy vehicle battery box and we are also good at welding assembly of car seats.

Feiyu is awarded as National high-tech enterprise, Jiangsu Private Science and Technology Enterprise, Kunshan Science and Technology R&D Organization and member of China Die & Mould Industry Association.

We are an automotive parts manufacturer integrating large / medium/ small auto parts production, welding assembly, development and build of tools and gauges.
The annual sales in year 2017 exceeded 250 million RMB.

以現代科技和雄厚的專業技術為基礎,提供精密優質的金屬制品, 沖壓模具。
 With modern science and professional technology as strong basis, Feiyu is doing its utmost to provide high-quality stamping dies and metal products.

Locating in the high and new technology industrial development zones of Kunshan, Feiyu occupies a total area of over 27000 square meters (building area25000 square meters) and has more than 300 employees with youthful spirit and initiative. We are ready to provide timely, efficient and high quality service to the customers.


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Precision stamping die

Stamping products

Welding assembly

Precision CNC sheet metal

Cylindrical refiner
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Person:Mr. Ni
Address:No. 888, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province
Email:[email protected]
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